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Emmy Award-Winning Creator Doug Ellin Launches NEW Weekly Podcast With Rapper/Actor BRE-Z

Emmy Award-Winning Creator of Entourage Doug Ellin (American Screenwriter, TV & Film Director) and Host of ‘Victory the Podcast’ (which features Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly + guests) is excited to announce the launch of his NEW weekly Podcast: ‘Hollywood Wayz’ with Co-Host, Rapper / Actor: BRE-Z, in conjunction with PodcastOne and Action Park Media.  

Following on from the global success of ‘Victory the Podcast’ (which reached #1 Apple Podcasts in the U.S, Canada, Australia and Top 2 in Ireland, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden + more in the TV & Film category, as well as Top 150 in overall categories in many countries and 5 Million+ downloads) and Selling Out their recent LIVE stage show (Sunday 29th August) at ‘Brea Improv’ (this live Podcast recording will be added this Saturday Aus time to all platforms), ‘Hollywood Wayz’ will focus on Doug & BRE-Z’s love for TV, Film, Food, Sports and more, as well as drawing from Doug’s 30+ year career in Hollywood. 

Doug Ellin and Rapper / Actor BRE-Z (All American, Empire) will take you on a guided tour of Los Angeles.  They’ll be exploring where to eat, where to meet, how to see and be seen, and how to make it, in the pursuit of the ultimate Hollywood dream of fame and fortune.  From the perspectives of a middle-class outsider from Long Island, NY, to one of the most sought-after producers in town and Philadelphia / Atlanta – working her way up in the music and television businesses.  Ellin and BRE-Z are going to chat with writers, actors, producers, cinematographers, musicians, restaurateurs and everyone in between – to give listeners a full picture of how the town and the business of Hollywood are really run.

“I wanted to find someone to partner with who had a completely different path and perspective to me. Someone with a unique story and voice, and I feel very fortunate to have found that in the super talented BRE-Z,” said Ellin.

The success behind these podcasts is (and will be) the funny and insightful ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories, the friendships and fun banter, as well as the way guests are interviewed and how everyone interacts in a relaxed, fun, and upbeat ‘Catching up with friends’ type style.  Also, making the listener feel like they are in the room. 

Hollywood Wayz Launched: Friday, 10th September in Australia

About Doug Ellin:

Emmy Award® winning ‘Entourage’ creator Doug Ellin is an American screenwriter and Film / TV Director.  Doug is best known for creating the HBO iconic television series.  He also served as executive producer, director, head writer, and supporting actor for the series.  Doug also wrote, directed, and produced the 2015 film adaptation of ‘Entourage.’

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Doug moved to Los Angeles in the early ’90s to become a stand-up comedian.  He realized, however, that he was much funnier as a writer and decided to devote himself to writing screenplays.  By day he worked in the mailroom at New Line Cinema, and by night he wrote spec comedy scripts.  One of those scripts eventually found its way into the hands of producer Mike DeLuca, who immediately saw promise in Doug, as a writer and director.  Bestowing his trust in the young filmmaker, DeLuca funded Doug’s first short film called ‘The Pitch’ (1993).  The film starred a pre-‘Friends’ David Schwimmer and earned Doug a spot in the prestigious ‘American Film Institute.’ When he graduated from AFI in 1996, Doug set out to make his first movie, the indie comedy ‘Phat Beach’ (1996).  Soon after, he followed it up with ‘Kissing a Fool’ (1998), which again starred David Schwimmer.  Next up, Doug landed a staff writing job on the ABC sitcom ‘Life with Bonnie’ (ABC, 2002-04), starring Bonnie Hunt.  Doug realised that he enjoyed the immediacy of television and decided to write a pilot script about a young up-and-coming movie star and his long-time group of friends.  The pilot was called ‘Entourage’ and in 2004 HBO aired the first season.  The show was a breakout success for the network and ran for eight seasons, before airing its final episode in 2011.  Doug returned to the ‘Entourage’ world in 2015 by writing and directing a feature film reboot that premiered in the summer of 2015.

About BRE-Z:

Hailing from Philadelphia, BRE-Z began her music career at the age of 14, giving impromptu performances around her neighbourhood, which got the attention of ‘Freeway’ of Roc-A-Fella’s State Property.  Freeway got her into the recording studio where the pint-sized rapper was able to hone her craft and begin to compose her own songs, find her musical voice, and cultivate her unique, androgynous style.  Once BRE-Z finished school, she moved to Atlanta to further her music career.  To make ends meet, she used the skills passed down by her father and grandfather and she quickly became Atlanta’s ‘go-to’ celebrity barber, with a client list that included some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, and music. BRE-Z recently released her debut single ‘Best of Me’ (featuring Lil Mo) and her EP ‘FULL CIRCLE.’ On television, BRE-Z is also known for her roles in the series ‘All American,’ ‘Empire,’ ‘Fat Camp,’ ‘Tales, ‘The Real’ and the television miniseries ‘The New Edition Story.’ She also featured in the documentary: ‘The Hip Hop World News.’

Source: Angie Young / Xposed Media

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