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Introducing The Woman Behind The Cover Of The October 2022 Issue Of Model & Mode Magazine: Diana Omuoyo

Diana Omuoyo is the reigning Ms. World Universal 2022. She’s a multicultural and multi-lingual IT professional passionate about promoting inclusion, equality, STEM, and quality education.

Diana’s involvement and commitment to the community have always been a key part of her life because it gives her purpose and a sense of belonging. She stays active by supporting socio-economic causes globally, being an ambassador to change, and continuing to raise awareness on critical issues.

Because of her deep passion and aspirations in the community, a friend suggested that she enter a pageant as a way to expand her dimensions in philanthropy. She had never imagined joining a pageant before, so she was initially surprised by the recommendation because of her lack of industry knowledge. She then researched pageantry, got a better understanding, and gained insights into how most platforms are founded on service to the community and philanthropy.

So, when the opportunity to join Ms. World Universal came up, It was an easy decision for her primarily because the platform’s mission and vision aligned with her goals, passions, and values. The rest, you can say, is history.

You can read all about her via this link: Diana Omuoyo

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