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5 Important Things to Know Before You Start Dating Online

  There is something about dating that a lot of men and women—those who are still young at heart, and, even those that are young once [...]

Australia Flash Floods: Protect your garden with these 5 expert tips

  Deadly flash floods have hit eastern Australia – with some areas even affected by 400m of rain.  Severe weather like this can [...]
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Australian Music Legends Join Forces To Raise Money For Flood Victims

Australian music legends have decided to come together to help raise money for those people who have been severely affected by the floods th [...]

After A Two-year Hiatus, Vivid Sydney Is FINALLY Returning To Sydney This Winter

Sydney’s iconic Vivid festival is making a grand comeback this winter after the Covid pandemic forced the festival to be put on hold f [...]

Do Relationship Need Lies To Actually Survive??

  Let’s face it – there are some things you just need to lie about in relationships. Whether it’s executing a surpris [...]

What is your …‘Big’,‘Significant’,‘Important’ About 2021?

This is a pretty popular saying: “Live each day as if it’s your last one.” I realize the sentiment behind it but I can’t help thinki [...]

I’m Dating A Geek… And I Love It!

I’ve spent 9 years trying to convince my boyfriend that he’s a geek. It’s only recently that he’s begun to embrace t [...]

Fat Cavitation: Instant Fat Reduction… What Is It?

Have you ever found yourself in this scenario? One day you are dressing and you reach for your favourite pair of skinny jeans or that slinky [...]

To 5 Beach Fashion Must-Have For Summer 2022!

It’s finally summer, and I’ve already hit the beach more times than I can count! Obviously, this summer is going to be a hot one, and no [...]

3 Dangerous Mistakes Women make with Men

  By: Alex Lafrentz Living in a love-sick society that consists of married couples, over-sentimental creatures, overzealous parents, an [...]

How Would You Describe Your Personal Relationship with God?

I am constantly amazed at a human being’s capacity for self-delusion. If you don’t know what I mean, watch just one audition episode of [...]

My fabulous Trip To Las Vegas… A Holiday Trip to Remember

I’ve fallen in love with Vegas, I realized this while I was up all night tossing and turning in my comfortable bed at the Gold Coast Hotel [...]

Introducing The Superstar Behind The Cover Of The January 2022 Issue Of Model & Mode: Danica Patrick

As a racecar driver, Danica Patrick broke barriers and set records with her on-track performance. It wasn’t long before she joined the mai [...]

How To Finally Live A Worry Free Life And Stop The “What If” Cycle

Let me tell you a story . . . Once upon a time, a regular man and a regular woman met. At first, she was just another girl and he was just a [...]

Melbourne … More interesting than you think!

Hmmm…Melbourne. The state of four seasons in a day. Where if you don’t like the weather…wait 20 minutes. Luckily, my 2 best friends an [...]

Kids Summer Festival 2022 and Kids on Tour 2022 offer art making activities for the whole family at NGV International and across regional Victoria

The NGV Kids Summer Festival returns in 2022 with nine days of FREE artist led activities, events, performances and dance workshops create [...]

Are you depressed… and don’t know what to do??

I read somewhere that scientists in the UK have somehow calculated that the gloomiest day of the year actually falls in the third week of Ja [...]

5 Food Frauds To Watch Out For

  There are specific foods that we believe to be healthy and fat-free. When we think of controlling our diet and maintaining the amount [...]

This Is What Models Really Eat

  Whether you love to hate, or, love to love models – there’s always one question that instantaneously springs to mind̷ [...]

Is There A Diet Where You Can Actually Eat And Still Lose Weight??

Hand up if you’ve tried dieting before? Maybe it was the infamous grapefruit fast? Or maybe you only ate purple foods (ala’ Mariah Carey [...]

How To See God In The Little Things

Honestly, I’ve been through a tough time recently. A time where everything I knew was turned upside down and inside out. A time where I me [...]

4 Reasons Why Diet And Fitness For Kids Are Important

  Research shows that more and more children have become overweight. Parents don’t always have the time to cook a homemade meal. Fast [...]

Financial FAQs for Freelance Models

If you’re a freelance model, you’ll know that managing your work can often feel like a juggling act – no less true when it comes t [...]

The Dark Side of Modelling

If you’re a model in the modern digital landscape, or an aspiring model attempting to get noticed, chances are you will encounter some ver [...]

The Big Reveal: What Age Do Men Around the Globe Lose Their Virginity??

The average age that men lose their virginity across the globe is 17.3 years, but does this differ from country to country? New research by [...]

This Architectural Installation Has Been Revealed As The Winner Of The NGV’s 2021 Architecture Commission

A beautiful architectural installation, replete with a pink pond evocative of Australia’s inland salt lakes, has been revealed as the winn [...]

6 Grooming Tips Every Model Must Know To Nail Their Next Casting Or Audition

Before a big date or any big event, it is the only custom that we make sure our grooming is on our “A-game.” Are we right, or ar [...]

5 Things Thаt You Need Tо Start Dоing Nоw In Ordеr Tо Pursue A Lifе That Yоu Wаntеd

Thеrе iѕ no mаgiс wand in this wоrld оf hаrѕh rеаlitу, whiсh саn соmрlеtеlу trаnѕfоrm уоur lifе. Thеrе аrе sm [...]

Would You Rather Settle Or Wait For The Right One??

I was a serial dater. Looking back at my hideous past, I probably had the words ‘dog’ written all over my forehead. I have an extensive [...]

NGV Annual Appeal: Donors Support Acquisition Of Work By Founding Member Of French Impressionism Berthe Morisot

More than $3 million has been fundraised by the NGV Foundation towards the acquisition of La Broderie (Embroidery), 1889, by Berthe Morisot [...]

A New COVID-19 Variant Has Been Detected In South Africa & It’s Apparently The ‘Worst Ever’

Just as it looked like things are finally going back to normal, news of a new COVID-19 variant in Southern Africa has scientists and health [...]

You Need To Really Read This If You Don’t Feel Beautiful Today!

Defining beauty as a concept is akin to holding sand in your hands. You can grasp at it and you certainly can seem to understand what it loo [...]

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Has Finally Re-opened

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) has re-opened NGV International on St Kilda Road and The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Fed Squa [...]

Is Your Procrastination Hurting Your Faith?

I’m a champion procrastinator. If I can put off doing something, I won’t do it. “Oh, my room’s not that messy,” or, “It’s ok. [...]

Finalists announced for The Australian Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Awards

The Australian Women’s Weekly, in partnership with La Trobe Financial, is proud to present our six outstanding young finalists, selected f [...]

National Gallery Of Victoria Just Reopened Its Doors

On 3 November 2021, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) re-opened NGV International on St Kilda Road and The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Austr [...]

Can Eating More Make You Weigh Less??

I work in retail, and I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Last week I was having a pleasant conversation with a customer when she pro [...]

Big Hearted Celebs Paint Eco-Totes To Help Children From Kibera Slum Go To School

LA’s art and luxury fashion retailer to the stars, Church Boutique, and the eco-fashion house Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) have teamed up [...]

6 Effective Tips For Working Moms To Stay Healthy

Moms today have stepped into a hundred roles. A woman’s job is no longer just limited to tending to the kids and making sure that there is [...]
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