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Entrepreneurs Of The Day: Meet Author, Coach, And Entrepreneur, Billy McLean

Billy McLean is an Aussie mum, author, coach, and entrepreneur. After working in many industries and becoming frustrated, as an employee, network marketer, and contractor, she realised the common theme of her frustration and restlessness was that the frameworks were not her own. She wanted to unleash her gifts and purpose by creating her own business that she could thrive in; so she entered the world of entrepreneurship.

She also knew that she wasn’t alone; so many feel limited in their current workplace, and she wanted to help others unleash their own potential too.

Her coaching program, Focus to Finish, helps entrepreneurs navigate the challenges and roadblocks that inevitably come along and prevent them from finishing what they set out to create.

Billy loves connecting with nature through gardening, bushwalking, and camping and finds these passions refreshing and calming in the midst of the constant busyness of modern life. She advocates time out in nature to slow down and channel all those creative ideas that come when you give them time and space.

Her ultimate goal is to get women reinvigorated; about their choices, their potential, and their purpose. She sets women on a journey to rediscover their inspiration and ultimately follow their unique path.

TV1 News recently caught up with Billy to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur and here’s what went down:

What are you currently doing to maintain/grow your business?

I am constantly marketing through SM channels, and nurturing my current audience, with short (<15mins), high-value trainings that help them take another step forward in their business journey.

Working in collaboration with others also is a great way to boost both businesses, and give our people added value. Love working with my super-friends!

What form of marketing has worked well for your business throughout the years?

Marketing took a massive left turn when COVID hit, as my business pivoted from being mainly face-to-face to practically all online (as I’m in Melbourne).

While local networks are great, the opportunity to have a far wider reach through SM has been an amazing growth opportunity; I now have clients in 4 different continents!

What social media platforms do you usually use to increase your brand’s awareness?

While Facebook is my main community builder, Instagram and YouTube are also helpful for reaching different people.

I am dipping my toes into working with Pinterest too (stemming from a fun collaboration I did).

What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

With the ongoing lockdown and having two young kids at home full time instead of at school; I realised I needed to re-evaluate what I could realistically get done. Their well-being is important, and while I would love to work 5-6hrs a day (i.e. the time while they would usually be at school); that’s not possible right now.

Letting go of some self-made deadlines was really tough.

How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Such a rollercoaster! Some things have been affected in a positive way; ie. it forced me to expand my online reach, and that has given me access to a wider audience, and also taught me a LOT. Lots of personal development has been done over the last 18 months!

But also I have never had so many events postponed, cancelled, and just not booked, even when the funding is there! It’s really disappointing when you have everything planned, to then be cancelled at the last minute. I think many people can resonate with that.

How have you adapted your business operations in response to COVID-19 and its associated impacts?

My business has totally transformed. My focus has also changed; most of my previous work was related to conducting one-off, face-to-face workshops.

Now I am more focused on building community online, group programs, and reaching a whole new audience of people.

When you HAVE to pivot, you start to realise how many options there are, and how to make them work for you.

What have been some of the most important lessons you have learned because of this pandemic?

Pivoting can be very beneficial long term, even though it can be uncomfortable and scary at the time.

Collaboration over competition; there are SO many amazing people out there; find the ones that you complement and work together instead of competing against each other.

What do you hope to see happen in the near future for small businesses all over the world?

Power to the small business owners! We have a golden opportunity to make a mark on this world and give people unique, personal options that are just right for them.

Now is the chance to show the world what we can do, and prove that there is space for a new wave of small businesses as the online market has truly opened up.

What advice would you give to a newbie Entrepreneur setting up a new business in this pandemic?

You are unique; so create a business that allows this to shine through! You may see similar businesses around, but no one will approach it the exact same way as you. Use that to your advantage.

Get help from people who you see are a few steps ahead of you. This can save you so much time & money! Make sure you filter their advice through your own lens to decide how it applies to you.

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