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Cade Hoppe Releases “Borrowed Time” Music Video

New York-based indie-pop newcomer Cade Hoppe will release the music video for “Borrowed Time,” one of the tracks featured on his recently released EP, ’Tell Me How It’s Worth It.’ The music video debuted with an exclusive premiere on CelebMix‘Borrowed Time’ is a song about the period after a relationship has run its course, but you still can’t bring yourself to leave,” Cade says. “When you’re in that position, you feel a million feelings all at once and it’s paralyzing; and when you’re feeling a million different feelings while saying the same words over and over, it’s tough to convey that to the listener completely. My goal in making this video was to help give another dimension to the lyrics I wrote, because this feeling is definitely the most complex on the EP.”Released on October 22nd, Cade’s debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ is a stunning selection of 5 tracks that hit the sweet spot between hazy indie-rock and catchy pop. Over the course of the record, his baritone vocals deliver meaningful vignettes of love, loss, transition, and desire with lyrics that wade through a gamut of emotions and experiences. He may be a newcomer on the scene but with the release of ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It, the 21-year-old singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist shows promise of becoming an indie-pop mainstay.

Watch “Borrowed Time” music video:

This article was sourced from a media release sent by Ava Tunnicliffe @ Tallulah PR

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