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Novak Djokovic Lands in Dubai After Deportation From Australia

Tennis world number one Novak Djokovic has just landed in Dubai after being banned from entering Australia for three years after his visa was cancelled.

Daily Mail confirms that as per an interview with the Today Show on Monday, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews revealed that the three-year ban was the result of the court decision.

“The visa was cancelled by Minister Hawke,” Ms. Andrews confirmed.

“That cancellation was upheld by the Federal Court, so as a result of that, he will be banned from entry for three years into the country.”

Ms. Andrews said should Djokovic return to Australia with compelling reasons in the future ‘that may be looked at but that’s all hypothetical at this point.”

Daily Mail further confirms that Djokovic was escorted to Melbourne Airport by police on Sunday evening and then he boarded an Emirates flight to Dubai about 10.30 pm, which will then transit on to Spain.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison supported the decision stating that he ‘welcomed the decision to keep our borders strong.’

He did also say that despite the three-year ban by the Federal Court there could be room for the world number one to travel back to Australia.

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