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Star Pop artist Cesca just dropped another original song “Pambihirang Harana”

Just a month since the release of her debut single, new Star Pop artist Cesca has dropped another original song “Pambihirang Harana,” which is about readily confessing feelings to someone you admire.

“’Pambihirang Harana’ is another take on initiating relationships. It shows that girls can express their feelings first without having to look desperate or needy,” Cesca explained.

The breezy track—written and composed by Cesca, produced by Star Pop head Rox Santos, and arranged by Tommy Katigbak—presents an unconventional scenario where a girl breaks society’s expectations by declaring her affection for a guy that she knows likes her too.

This is perfectly captured in the song’s lyrics which says, “Nais kong ipaalam na ito’y pang sa atin lamang / Alam ko ang babae ay ‘di dapat umaamin ng ganito, bakit ganon? / Mali bang sabihing ako’y may gusto sayo?.”

Cesca’s sophomore single has been included in the much-coveted New Music Friday playlist of Spotify upon its release, a great feat for a newly-debuted artist. It follows “Love Sick (Pagmahalasakit),” which earned her cover features in Spotify Philippines’ “OPM Rising” and “Fresh Finds Philippines’” editorial playlist and inclusion in women-focused playlist “EQUAL Philippines.”

Aside from being a singer-songwriter, Cesca is also a visual and multimedia artist who credits the likes of Neil Sedaka, Gary Granada, and Taylor Swift as her music influences. She is set to release her debut EP “Travel” this summer.

Don’t be afraid to express what you feel and stream Cesca’s new single “Pambihirang Harana,” out now on various digital music platforms. For more details, follow Star Pop on Facebook (www.facebook.com/starpopph) and on Twitter and Instagram (@starpopph).

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