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Depp v Heard: Kate Moss Testifies That Johnny Depp NEVER Pushed Her Down Any Stairs

Kate Moss recently took the stand in the Depp vs. Heard saga and bluntly told a much different story from the one Amber Heard has told the jury during her stint at the stunt. Moss and Depp dated back in the mid-90s.

Heard recently said on the stand as per TMZ that she was on a staircase with Depp when he suddenly swung at her, and at that moment, she immediately thought of a “rumored incident” between Depp and Moss, so Heard felt she knew what was coming and swung at him.

Amber was insinuating Johnny had gotten violent with Kate, but Kate, who testified by video, recalled when she and Johnny were at a hotel. Kate mentioned that it was raining, and she ended up slipping down the stairs. She says Johnny came rushing back, carried her inside the hotel room, and got her medical attention.

Check out Kate’s testimony below:

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