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New Electronic Project “Hooks” Set To Release Next Single, “RUSH”

Soaked in melodic hooks and good vibes, the track is chill but exciting; packed with abstract imagery and hypnotic energy.  Recorded in Browns Bay, HOOKS continues his collaboration with co-writer Henry Beasley (Balu Brigada) and producer Simon Oscroft.  The track was mixed by award-winning Simon Gooding and mastered by John Davis (Dua Lipa, U2, Years & Years).

“‘Rush’ is all about the melding of senses, a kind of synesthetic song; the lyrics are super visual because of that,” says HOOKS“It’s about enjoying the rush while it’s there and searching for that, outside of that moment.  Finding and embracing a sort of natural high without any additives.”

The accompanying video, made by Mardo El Noor, takes cues from the soothing music and visually rich lyrics.  It’s a visual journey that is hypnotic and over-stimulating in equal measures.

“Representing the Superego of the psychoanalytic theory, ‘Rush’ portrays disparate scenes of a continuous dive into the depths of one’s subconsciousness; like moments of wakefulness peppered with dream-like visions,” explains HOOKS“The superego is about abstract imagery and wild imagination induced by substances, deep thoughts and reflections that are coming from the subconscious.  To me, I feel the kaleidoscopic imagery and constant – yet slow – rotation of staged scenes are the best visual representation of the interplay between wakefulness and dream-state.”

Packed with tasty hooks and a delightful swirling menagerie of influences, from Latin-American rhythms, disco, lounge, jazz, indie and pop, HOOKS has sounds reminiscent of GorillazDaft PunkGroove ArmadaDJ Spiller, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Morcheeba. ‘Rush’ follows on from the catchy debut release ‘Forever,’ the successful and intriguing introduction to the magic that is HOOKS.

Keep an ear out for this exciting new hyper-stylized, electronic artist. There’s lots more to come!

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