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Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Ben Chew And Camille Vasquez Finally Gives First Interview Since The Trial

Johnny Depp’s legal team lead by Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, recently appeared on Good Morning America for their first interview since the highly pubicised trial.

Speaking with GMA host George Stephanopoulos, Camille said: “The key to victory was focusing on the facts and the evidence and Johnny’s opportunity to speak the truth for the first time. It was six years in the making and I think he was able to connect with the jury and the general public.

When asked what they thought of Amber’s presence and demeanor during the trial, Camille said: “I think that her impression on the jury was…what it was.

“Something that we focused on in that cross-examination was using her words against her. It was important to us that any question that was asked was tied to something she had said previously. And the jury got to see, the world got to see and hear, from Ms Heard in that relationship on every single topic.”

Ben added: “There was a real contrast. Johnny took ownership of a lot of things. And it seemed at times that while [Amber] had an answer for everything and she wasn’t taking accountability for anything. And I think that made a difference.”

Check out the full interview below courtesy of Good Morning America:

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