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New Research Reveals The Trait That 91% Of Australians Find Attractive In A Partner

When it comes to dating and the potential of meeting that special someone, most of us will have a fairly strong idea of which traits we are looking for. Whether the person is fit, if they eat well, or they have good relationships with family and friends, is generally stock standard.

However, new research commissioned by oral care brand, Grin Natural, has revealed that while 91% of Aussies consider good oral health to be a highly attractive trait, 48% of people don’t consider how well their potential partner takes care of their teeth in the early stages of dating.

Grin spokesperson, Doug Sadler is urging people to take note of a person’s oral hygiene from the get-go, saying “Oral care is often the forgotten middle child of hygiene, and something that is overlooked by people as a trait they consider healthy when it comes to looking for a partner, but it’s extremely important. Research has shown that untreated tooth decay caused by not taking care of your teeth can lead to much bigger problems such as reduced self-esteem, depression, gum disease and tooth loss, which may present deeper problems for the relationship down the line.”

This sentiment is also reflected in the data, with close to half of respondents stating that if they noticed a person had poor oral health, it would be a sure sign that they don’t take care of themselves overall, with 26% taking it further to say that they would view that person as ‘unhygienic’.

Delving deeper into the data on the brushing habits of Australians, Victorians and those in New South Wales had the highest rate of people who cleaned their teeth twice a day (65%), followed by Western Australians (62%) and Queenslanders (61%), with South Australians at the bottom of the list (59%).

Women were more likely to dedicate time to their teeth than men, with 66% brushing their teeth twice a day compared to 59% of men, as well as those over the age of 35 years old.

Many respondents commented on the significance of good oral hygiene when it came to their potential partners, saying:

  • “If they can’t look after their teeth, what is the rest of their health like. Being healthy and looking after your health is important to me.”47 year old female from WA.
  • “It’s a basic sign of personal hygiene and respect for yourself and others. If someone can’t be bothered to even look after themselves on such a basic level, it really doesn’t say much for them.” 32 year old female from QLD.
  • “Oral care crossed my mind a lot when I was dating. There is no way I would date someone who didn’t clean their teeth, as I hate bad breath. If their teeth were a problem, I’d hint they visit a dentist. It’s a huge put off for me.” 23 year old female from VIC.

Doug Sadler adds, “It’s clear that this is an important topic for Australians, but luckily it’s an issue that’s easy to overcome. Understanding the importance of a regular and thorough oral care routine, along with effective oral care products is key to giving Australians the best future for their teeth and the confidence to go forward in their dating life. In addition, choosing natural and eco-friendly products like Grin Natural that truly work, will have an impact on both your teeth and the environment, an issue we know many Australians feel passionate about.”

To stop you being fooled by a person’s dazzling smile when you first meet, a few tips to identifying if a potential partner has poor oral health before you’re in too deep are:

  • Are they complaining of a sore mouth or jaw?

We often associate having jaw or mouth pain with stress, but it can also happen when experiencing something treatable such as a toothache or even sinus problems. A dentist will be able to indicate the root cause so it’s important to make an appointment as soon as you notice any issues, and then going every 6-months for a check up is worthwhile to stay on top of your overall oral health.

  • Have you noticed their gums bleed when they brush their teeth?

Now this is where it gets serious as bleeding gums is often a sign of gum disease getting worse! If they aren’t taking care of their teeth and gums properly, it could lead to a build up of plaque in the mouth which carries bacteria and can lead to severe gum disease. It can occur when we brush or floss but that’s not to say it’s the cause, which many get confused with. Visiting a dentist to seek medical advice is recommended, however increasing intake of vitamin C and rinsing the mouth with salt water can also help.

  • Their breath isn’t smelling of roses.

Poor breath is the number one indicator that someone isn’t taking care of their gnashers properly. It often happens when we eat lots of sugary foods or strong drinks such as coffee and wine. Not brushing teeth often enough can cause excess food to remain in the teeth which adds to the stench! Brushing twice daily is recommended to ensure our breath is in tip top condition, especially for that all important date.

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