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6 Lessons On Young Love And Positivity

Longing for a light-hearted series about young love and lessons on self-worth? Francine Diaz’s iWantTFC original series “Bola Bola” is the one for you! The series is filled with a lot of ‘kilig’ and cute moments as Thea (Francine) is chased by three charming suitors played by KD Estrada, Akira Morishita, and Ashton Salvador.

Viewers will surely relate to the feel-good series, which is currently streaming for free in the Philippines on iWantTFC, as it also sheds light on important lessons when it comes to body positivity and rejection.

Here is a list of lessons on love and body positivity that viewers can pick-up from the series: (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

Accept everyone no matter their body weight

Thea, a 220-pound high school student, got her heart crushed when Lucas (Akira), her ultimate childhood crush, blatantly rejected her because he “doesn’t date big girls.” It took Lucas awhile to realize that his harsh statement really hurt Thea’s feelings and worse, he failed to appreciate her sincere kindness just because she was fat. Despite Lucas’ treatment, Thea knew in her heart that her body weight does not define who she is as a person because she truly believes that beauty comes from within.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/8DYU8lpNdas

Be confident to confess your feelings to your crush

We’ve all been scared to confess our true feelings to a crush at one point in our lives. Julian (KD), Thea’s best friend, can definitely relate! Julian has had suppressed feelings for Thea ever since they were young. However, thanks to their friend Issa’s (Analain Salvador) ‘real talk’ and encouragement, Julian realized that he’ll never know how Thea feels about him if he never admits his love. Julian was willing to take a risk for love and eventually, he felt a sense of relief knowing that he was brave enough.

Self-love should always be a priority

The series highlights different types of love – puppy love, love for family and friends, and most importantly – self-love. After Lucas’ rejection, Thea vowed to love herself more by losing weight and by prioritizing her happiness. With the help of Julian, Thea gained a deeper understanding when it comes to self-love when she confessed, “Na-realize ko na ‘yung tanging validation na makakapagpasaya sa akin ay ‘yung galing sa sarili ko. I should love myself first. And I’m going to work on loving myself.”

Don’t let negative opinions hinder your personal growth

Any form of rejection is never easy to handle but we should never let it hinder us from growing as a person – this is one of the lessons that Thea’s mom (Arlene Muhlach) instilled in her. Thea slowly became insecure about her body because she was constantly bashed and made fun of.

However, she came to a realization that the opinions of others do not matter and what’s important is her self-worth. Thea made a promise to protect her happiness and brushed off naysayers with her “haters gonna hate” attitude.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/8OqDbn39yRE

Don’t sacrifice your health to please others

Eating good food was Thea’s way of coping after her father (Lito Pimentel) abandoned their family when she was a kid. Thea was only affected by her big size when she suddenly felt uncomfortable in her own skin and at the same time, she also felt peer-pressure whenever her figure was criticized.

Josh (Ashton), Thea’s friend and gym instructor, was quick to remind her that she should not lose weight just because others are telling her to do so, but only because she wants to do it for herself. Thea slowly learned that she should start making healthier choices and that shedding a few pounds is a process.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/fXJ1yL2kqc8

Love has its ups and downs

Love could be extremely sweet and bitter at the same time, and the series underscores a lot of lessons when it comes to this. First, Thea learned to love herself more after Lucas’ rejection. Second, Julian learned how to handle his relationship with Thea after she put him in the “best friend zone.” Lastly, Josh gained a better appreciation of Thea’s company when he realized that she loved someone else.

All of these instances in the series teach viewers that although love isn’t all about ‘kilig,’ we have to learn how to embrace it so that we could feel the true essence of being in love.

Watch all six episodes of “Bola Bola” on the iWantTFC app (iOS and Android) and website (iwanttfc.com). Viewers can get easy access to iWantTFC’s content library with its “watch now, register later” feature. Additionally, iWantTFC is available via Chromecast and Airplay. Visit https://iwanttfc.com/help#tfc-on-smart-tv for a complete list of compatible devices, sign-in instructions, and account activation.

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