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Chaos On The Way: Sydney To Be Hit By 3 Weeks Of Train Strikes

New South Wales residents are facing weeks of train strikes as 9 News confirms that the transport union is planning to hold more strikes over the next month.

The Rail, Tram, and Bus Union (RTBU) recently announced that strikes would be rolling out through August to make sure the government is aware of their safety concerns on the New Intercity Fleet.

9 News further confirms that NSW Transport Minister David Elliott pledged $264 million to fix the fleet. Still, the union reportedly claims the government has not committed to this pledge at this stage.

RTBU secretary Alex Claassens revealed that the rail workers have no choice but to initiate a strike.

“The NSW Government is essentially holding the people of NSW to ransom in order to make a political point which is as bizarre as it is bitterly disappointing,” he revealed.

“We’ve done everything by the book in order to get these vital safety changes, but the government is refusing to listen.

“This is our only way of making sure that the safety changes that need to be made will actually be made.”

These are the planned nine different strikes according to 9 News:

– August 7: Ban on Transport officers from issuing fines and cautions.
– August 10: Strike on the T4 Illawarra and South Coast line and some Sydney services (from 10 am to 4 pm).
– August 12: Ban on cleaners from using vacuum cleaners or scrubbing machines.
– August 13: Station staff to leave all the gates open at all times.
– August 15: The train crew will only operate trains that meet the “minimum standards” of the maintenance centre.
– August 17: Strike on the T3 Liverpool line and T2 Campbelltown line (from 10cam to 4cpm).
– August 23: Train services in area three, including the T1 Blue Mountains line and Newcastle line will be impacted (This area will be impacted from 10 am to 4 pm).
– August 25: Strike in area four, including inner city services at Central, St James, Town Hall, Wynyard, Circular Quay, Redfern, and Museum (from 10 am to 4 pm).
– August 31: Ban on operating foreign-made trains.

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