Market leading KPMG family business consultants launch Lineage Group – Australia’s first and only business family office

Market-leading KPMG family business consultants launch Lineage Group – Australia’s first and only business family office 

A new Australian advisory firm specialising in working with successful business families has just launched in Melbourne.

Lineage Group is spearheaded by KPMG alumni Michelle De Lucia, Dominic Pelligana and Andrew Muscara.

After decades of leading family businesses at KPMG, and having grown up in family businesses, the group fully understands what it’s like to spend their lives around both kitchen and boardroom tables.

70% of Global GDP comes from family businesses, yet few acknowledge the incredible commitment and contribution they make to our economy and society. Lineage Group believes family businesses are the optimal business model, and treat them with the respect and understanding they deserve.

“Within a large firm, we saw how family businesses can be treated like a transaction, with little investment in a relationship. The very thing that families thrive on. And so do we.” says Partner Michelle De Lucia. “Our successful track record of delivering for families comes from taking the time to truly understand them, inside and out.”

Lineage has a close relationship with Australia’s most established and successful business families, including the Victor Smorgon Group. This powerfully connected network allows Lineage clients – 1st to 5th generation business families – to benefit from the collective knowledge and know-how accumulated from decades of effectively leading business, family and investments.

“We have the ability to connect them to opportunities and networks they couldn’t achieve on their own.” says Lineage Partner Andrew Muscara “Our experience strengthens families through business and business through families.”

Partner Dominic Pelligana adds “Nobody in the market knows family business better than us. We use our deep insights and connections to help families achieve what they want personally and commercially.”

“We’re looking forward to operating in our new business model, offering broader and dedicated support to our business families including: M&A, capital structure optimisation, strategic & financial planning, family office, philanthropy & social impact, and next generation transition and development”.

This article was sourced from a media release sent by Medianet

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