3 things that simply cannot be taught by magazines such as Cosmo

There are some things in life that simply cannot be taught… Things such the complete awkwardness that is your first kiss, the feeling of utter heartbreak when your high school crush dumps you the night before your Formal, or simply, how to spread the perfect amount of Vegemite on your toast. Luckily for us however, for the most part, we go through life with all types of teachers… friends, family, magazines, TV shows, and the list could go on. As an all grown up teenage girl myself, I can say with absolute certainty that during puberty, magazines like Cosmo quickly turn into a kind of personal Deity… Placed on a pedestal so high the very Gods can peer on without the aid of spectacles. However, we here at StarCentral know the importance of a mother’s wise whisperings and believe there are some things that simply cannot be taught by magazines such as Cosmo.

1. It is impossible to achieve your perfect ‘bikini body’ in two weeks.

Okay girls, guys, cats and dogs! Listen up! Unless you already have a traditionally conceived perfect bikini body and have maybe had one or two chocolate bars this week – there is no way you can possibly change your body drastically in two weeks. Who can even stipulate what the perfect bikini body is anyway!? Only you have to the power to feel completely comfortable in your own skin and no crazy two week exercise plan is going to help you achieve this.

2. There are no sure fire ways of getting boys to like you.

I see countless articles in magazines like Cosmo outlining the easiest and effective ways to get Mr Dream Boats’ attention, or how to seal the deal! I mean COME ON! My Mum taught me at a very young age the value of people liking you for ‘you’ and if they don’t like it, than it just means you aren’t meant to be in each other’s lives. Never change the way you are for someone else!

3. No boy, girl, friend or foe is NEARLY as important as the way you see yourself.

Feeling inner happiness is one of the most, if not, THE most important thing in life. Sure; exercise, healthy eating and a work/life balance are all contributing factors but the most important thing is YOU. It’s how you treat yourself and the relationship you build with your own psyche. I remember my Mum telling me that my inner dialogue and the interactions I have with myself will always be the most influential conversations I will ever have.

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