TODAY 90.9 Sea FM’s Bianca Dye Goes Gold In Body Positive Message For Women At 50

Bianca Dye from Sea FM breakfast on the Gold Coast today took the plunge and was body-painted gold like Gwynneth Paltrow in a shout-out to real women everywhere. Photo Luke Marsden

TODAY 90.9 Sea FM’s Bianca Dye, one of Australia’s well known radio and TV presenters, was body-painted GOLD in response to Gwyneth Paltrow’s social media post over the weekend to mark the mega-star turning 50.

Gwynnie’s post raised a lot of responses.

Bianca wants to represent the 90.9 percent of women who DON’T live unattainable lives full of macrobiotics, personal chefs, personal yoga and goop. She wants women at 50 (she’s about to turn 50) to feel JUST AS AMAZING in their own skin, whatever size and texture.

“Huge shout out to Gwyneth. She’s a total star and a great inspiration for so many women, and of course, she looks phenomenal. The thing is, she also has a personal chef, personal trainer, private yogi and lives on a macrobiotic diet, as well as the trappings of mega stardom. She isn’t facing rising living costs, the rental crisis, body image issues, no time for the gym and all the things we normal women go through. So, while I say ‘Go Gwynnie’, I also say to the women of Australia that it’s ok to be proud of your lumps and bumps, they are part of the journey of life, and this body is enjoying that journey!”

“Yes I was nervous about doing this; but if my profile can give others body confidence, then I’m happy.”

Dye also recognised October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and reminded women to check their boobs. “I have lost family to cancer and if by doing this can put boobs in the spotlight, then again, I’m happy.”

“BODY CONFIDENCE and acceptance by society is a HUGE issue globally, and it sits will all ages. Women need to reclaim our confidence, because we only get one go at life.”


This article was sourced from a media release sent by Medianet

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