Swarovski Brings Mathematical Style To Spring/Summer 23

Inspired by a world of crystallised imagination, Swarovski presents a new range of wondrous products for Spring/Summer 2023. Alongside evolutions of previous designs, there are new, spellbinding families to explore.

This season, Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert stepped into the Mathemagical Garden, where untold wonders are revealed, where magic and science meet, where geometry fuses with vibrant flora and fauna. In even the smallest detail, harmony sings of the natural world in unison with science, art, and the existence of a space beyond time – where anything is possible.

Following these expressive ideas of colour and form, Swarovski’s signature design language remains at the heart of the range. Expert precision and savoir-faire span the many varieties of jewellery, watches, and accessories, all designed for joyful self-expression.


Six families make their début for Spring/Summer 2023, each offering fresh perspectives and never-seen-before designs.


Laced with elegance and technically striking forms, the bow-inspired Volta family will wrap you in personal styling that makes each adornment feel like a gift. Offering a contemporary take on the romantic heart and ribbon motifs, these designs beautifully elevate the emotion of love, which makes them a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one.


Shifting gear with precise engineering and industrial style, the Rota family features mechanical designs filled with gears and wheels for a progressive world of fashion.


The iconic Swarovski Swan is transformed with luxurious detailing and a romantic vintage look in the Fashion Swan family, ensuring that a breathtaking statement is made with every decoration.


A garden of extraordinary flowers bursts into life, with shining combinations and unexpected colours unfolding before your eyes. This vibrant new collection explores a wide variety of floral motifs, each celebrating Swarovski’s artistry and savoir-faire in many different executions – from full cuts to delicate pave settings.


A life lived in magic. Like their utopian name, these intricate and picturesque creations of exotic flora and fauna transport the imagination to sights and wonders in faraway places.


A youthful take on the iconic Swarovski Swan inspired by the graffiti movement, the Pop Swan family presents emboldened pieces that appear to drip with paint.

This article was sourced from a media release sent by Medianet / Photo supplied

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