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The Disability Sector and Australian Businesses Rally Behind Paralympics Australian, the Australian Paralympic Team and the next Generation of Paralympians on the Road to Paris 2024

The National Disability Leadership Organisation (NDLO), a not-for-profit, national service, Developing Australian Communities, along with hundreds of Disability Service Provider organisations, Australian Companies and Business, are launching the 2023 Galas to raise funds and support our Paralympians, starting with the Brisbane Gala in March 2023.

The Gala dinners also mark the Disability Staff Recognition Awards. It is a huge night for the Disability Sector, those business people and the community that want to raise funds to support Paralympics Australia and recognise some of the amazing work done at grass roots levels in the sector.

“Those Australian Para-athletes training and working hard to represent us on an international stage need support now and every year leading up to each Paralympics. This is not an event to get behind once every 4 years. We need to see Corporate Australia investing and supporting the Para-athletes so that they can focus on training and be valued as leaders in our community,” Mr Night, Public Officer at the NDLO said.

“The 2023 Gala dinners are focused on raising those funds needed to support the next generation of Paralympians as they work hard towards the Paralympics in Paris 2024 and beyond.

“We have secured a major sponsor for the Brisbane Disability Staff Recognition Awards in Holistic Horizons Support Services and are reaching out to ask Corporate Australia to sponsor our events and key areas now in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

“We must secure a major sponsor for our Sydney and Melbourne events right now and there will be other opportunities for organisations to be key sponsors for individual awards. We need an audio and video sponsor, red carpet sponsor and an entertainment sponsor to make each event reach the stars.

“Every sponsor dollar and ticket sale goes towards funds raised for Paralympics Australia. We must see strong investment in the Galas by Corporate Australia so that the funds raised go to support our athletes and reduce venue and events costs.

“We invite all Australians to attend the 2023 Brisbane Disability Staff Recognition Awards Gala, Sponsored by Holistic Horizons Support Services.

“All Queensland BUSINESSES, COMPANIES, SERVICE PROVIDERS and individual supporters are welcome.

“This isn’t just for Disability Service Providers, but for all Queenslanders to come along and support the Australian Paralympic Team by helping us raise funds. Don’t miss out on this huge night of nights, bring your team and buy a table.

The Gala also celebrates the achievements of the often unsung heroes in the community sector and are an important charity fundraising opportunity.

Eight awards in categories including

– Leadership

– Sector Innovation

– Front Line Manager

– Team Award

– Support Worker of the Year

– Golden Juggler – Above and Beyond

– Best Expo Display

– Contemporary Practice


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