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Introducing The Entrepreneur Behind The Cover Of The April 2023 Issue Of MoneyCentral Magazine: Julius Abraham

Julius Abraham is the Managing Director of Direct Mortgages South Coast, and he is also an accredited Mortgage Broker. With a comprehensive corporate background in finance and compliance, as well as personal experience in purchasing, selling, and renovating properties, Julius has a deep understanding of the real estate industry.

Despite having an interest in real estate for some time, it wasn’t until his first renovation project proved successful that Julius realized the significant rewards that property investment could bring. He has since developed a passion for research and problem-solving during his corporate tenure, which he now applies as a Mortgage Broker.

Julius’s role as a Mortgage Broker demands extensive analysis and interpretation of data to ensure that each home loan application is written in an attractive manner for the lender. While each application is unique and can pose challenges, Julius finds it immensely rewarding when clients express joy and satisfaction, knowing that he has provided a financial solution for them. Additionally, his regular community work fuels his passion for serving others.

As a Mortgage Broker, Julius prioritizes establishing an honest and transparent relationship with his clients. His primary objective is to assist, educate, and motivate individuals seeking to initiate or expand their property portfolio to achieve their objectives expeditiously. He firmly believes that property investment is a means to attain financial freedom.

You can read more about him via this link: Julius Abraham

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