The Official Crowning of Miss International Australia 2023

The glamorous and much-anticipated official crowning of Miss International Australia 2023 took place at the exquisite Proxima Hub, with an impressive turnout of guests and a delectable spread of food that left everyone in awe.

The prestigious crown was gracefully passed down from reigning Miss International Australia 2022, Anjelica Whitelaw, to the deserving winner, Jazel Alarca. The moment was nothing short of magical, and the honor was bestowed by the National Director, Julieta De Leon, who couldn’t have been prouder of the new titleholder.

The event was masterfully orchestrated by Marc Baylon and Jasper Lim of Stargazer Production, whose expertise in event planning shone through every detail, making it a night to remember.

As the evening unfolded, the atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including past beauty queens who have made their mark in the pageant world. Among them were the stunning Miss International Australia 2021, Monique Shippen, and the radiant Miss Earth Australia 2019, Susana Danielle Downes, who added a touch of elegance to the occasion.

The presence of Mrs. Earth Australia queens further enhanced the grandeur of the event, with each queen embodying poise and grace that echoed the essence of the pageantry world. The event also welcomed the delightful Serena Antonia Peralta, Miss Little Earth 2023, whose youthful charm captivated everyone present.

Moreover, the Miss Junior Earth Australia titleholders graced the event, including Miss Junior Earth Australia Water 2023 – Sittie Mariam Busok Calle, Miss Junior Earth Australia Air 2023 – Jehan Namrawi, and Miss Teen Earth Australia Air 2023 – Jerlyn Rama Gubat. Their presence symbolized the nurturing of future beauty queens, further reinforcing the event’s commitment to empowering young talent.

A highlight of the night was the acknowledgment and gratitude extended to the major sponsor, Millionaires Alliance, whose unwavering support made the event possible. Their dedication to empowering women in the pageant industry resonated deeply with the audience.

As the official media partner, StarCentral Magazine captured the essence of the event, ensuring that every moment was beautifully preserved for the world to witness.

The evening was a splendid celebration of beauty, grace, and empowerment. The official crowning of Miss International Australia 2023 marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the titleholder, as she steps into her role as an ambassador of beauty and goodwill.

With the event’s seamless execution and the support of esteemed guests, sponsors, and organizers, it was evident that Miss International Australia 2023 was off to a stellar start, promising a reign filled with purpose and inspiration. As the pageant world continues to evolve, this event stands as a shining example of how beauty pageants can celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of women while uplifting their voices on a global stage.

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