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Queenslander Designer Kelly Woodcroft Debuts A Jewellery Collection Inspired By Queensland

Put the colours, corals, and canopies of Far North Queensland’s rainforest and reef into imagination, and add the character and chic of 90s grunge rock. The result is Brisbane designer Kelly Woodcroft’s debut jewellery collection – RAINFOREST REEF ROCK.

A design fusion of semi-precious stones and luxury metals, Kelly’s handcrafted first collection is a stunning homage to the wonders of nature juxtaposed to big city glamour. It is also a reflection of her own journey. The 39 year old designer and mother of two grew up in Cairns in Far North Queensland before moving to Brisbane; and the 90 grunge rock scene, well that was the soundtrack of her formative years.

Whether it’s spectacular summer storms, the fine layering of an orchid’s petals, the brilliant colours of tropical fish or a sold-out front row, RAINFOREST REEF ROCK is an enchanting window into Kelly’s world.

The collection has been created in a studio under her house and with up to nine hours spent on each piece, the process has been challenging with Covid curveballs, juggling a young family and road-blocks at every turn, however, she was determined, and now the stunning pieces of RAINFOREST REEF ROCK have made their entrance. Introducing:

  • Angel Fish– featuring Marquise Cabochon cut Mother of Pearl eye set in Gold above a faceted Triangle Pyrite in Sterling Silver.
  • Summer Storm – hand-drawn lightning bolt earrings crafted in Sterling Silver and encrusted with petite diamonds.
  • Orchid – handcrafted Sterling Silver flowers with Rose Quartz drop.
  • Starfish – asymmetrical star earrings in Sterling Silver or Gold.
  • Parrot Fish – faceted Blue Chalcedony and teardrop Yellow Chalcedony set in Sterling Silver.
  • Ulysses – Sterling Silver Butterfly.
  • Daintree Bloom –  Sterling Silver with Seed Pearls inlaid in Rose Gold.
  • Raindrop – Hematite and Blue Chalcedony handcrafted in Sterling Silver.
  • Bottlebrush – Pink Stone and Orange Carnelian handcrafted in Sterling Silver and Rose Gold.
  • Mermaid – faceted Pink Stone, Crystal Lemon Quartz and Rose Quartz drop handcrafted in Sterling Silver.
  • Treetop Canopy – stunning detailed handcrafted geometric design cut into Sterling Silver reflecting the view of a rainforest canopy from below or above.“Seeing this collection take form has been one of my most thrilling experiences yet, and being able to pay tribute to my two great influences in where I grew up, and the music I love, has taken it to a new level,” said Kelly.“The past 20 months with Covid challenges everywhere and so many stop signs in front of me, it made me even more determined to unveil this collection now – so earring lovers can know their pieces have been made with love, determination, and authenticity, to be worn their way and reflect their mood and personality. One day it’s a Summer Storm lightning bolt, the next, it’s an Angel Fish!”

    See the entire collection at

  • This article was sourced from a media release sent by Medianet.

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