Top 3 Spring Fashion Trends In Australia For 2021

So, spring and summer is just around the corner. Cue those gym memberships, detox regimes, and obligatory personal pledges and promises. If you want a ‘new you’ this spring, there’s one resolution that you may actually be able to stick to. And, that’s keeping fab and fresh with the season’s fashion forecast!

So, what are the top trends for 2021?

1. Bigger IS better

If Harper’s Bazaar and Lady Gaga have it right, then it’s time to embrace a fuller, floatier silhouette. Think peasant-style frocks with balloon sleeves and tiered hemlines. Perfect for summer, voluminous styles are as breathable as they are fashion-forward. Casual styles can be worn at the beach, with dressier takes on this look adopted for work or even a night out.

The voluminous dress has even been pinpointed as a top trend in wedding dresses. It’s all in the flounce, with a ‘return to romance’ touted as this season’s major mood. So, feel free to indulge in the fairytale factor, but do pair a statement dress with flats and simple accessories – in order to stop yourself from wandering away completely into ‘naff-land’!

2. Twist and shout

Nineties nostalgia reigns supreme. A 2021 reimagining of this psychedelic counterculture staple sees the characteristic loudness of this print dialed down a notch or two. Like you, we never thought we’d see tie-dye as high-street fashion!

But, lo-and-behold we are already starting to witness the ‘tie-die titillation’ – filtering down from New York Fashion week and onto the racks of some very-real retailers (the likes of Urban Outfitters and Revolve). With the print taking centre stage on blazers, tees, and even tailored pants, it’s a look that (whether love or loathe) you certainly won’t be able to hide from!

3. Animal magnetism

Leopard and other animal prints have always maintained a simmering allure, especially in the world of accessories. This year feline and other safari motifs are set to take over, becoming slinker and all-the-more visible. Reinvisioned for the warmer months, those jungle spots and python stripes are now appearing against a backdrop of vivid brights (such as neon yellow and sky blue)!

You can’t go past an animal print dress in a silky fabric for credible cool. And, you can give Meaghan Markle a run for her money in some similarly styled pumps and matching handbag. If you are not a fan of too much leopard, consider a scarf or an accented pair of sunnies for just a sprinkle of what can be a very dominant look.

You may still be working on quitting those cigarettes or becoming ‘settled-down’ (like your mother wants). But, regardless of the situation, you sure can do it in style with the above tips!

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