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Experts reveal how to abandon fast fashion trends & shop sustainably in 2022

In the age of TikTok and Instagram, fashion micro-trends have gained popularity. These trends move at lightning speed, have a short life, and are soon replaced by newer ones. Experts at Clothes2order have revealed the 4 key tips to avoid overconsumption.
Simon Turner, Marketing Director at Clothes2order, stresses the need to turn to sustainable fashion, letting go of impulsive purchases and fast fashion trends.
Because of their short lifespan, sustainable production is not possible when designing micro trends. And, while we will have forgotten about bucket hats in a couple of weeks, the consequences of fast fashion account for much longer damage to the planet. Clothes2order’s Marketing Director revealed 4 key tips for consumers to act more sustainably:
If you see a trend, take time before you invest in it. When you see a trend that you like, wait, bookmark it, and only buy what you need for the trend when you just can’t get it out of your head. You’ll be sure to have bought something you really like, and it will stop you from buying impulsively.
Shop secondhand! Check sites like Vinted and Depop before purchasing a brand new item! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also give a second chance at a perfectly good piece of clothing!
Look for companies that produce sustainably. Look for companies that use deadstock fabrics, those that make clothes to order, or those using water-based ink. These companies will usually have a sustainability statement on their website, in which they make it clear that caring for the planet is important to them.
Buy quality over quantity. If an item costs less than a takeaway coffee three points need to be made: 1, it’s not going to last until the end of the year; 2, it’s definitely not environmentally friendly; 3, the purchase is also damaging to the people who make the clothes.
The study also found the fastest disappearing fashion micro trends in the UK, with fisherman sandals and knee-high shorts ranking first and second.
Fastest disappearing fashion micro trends of 2021:



Popularity Decrease


Fisherman Sandals



Knee Length Shorts



Hibiscus Print



Hockney Dress



Crochet Dress



Heeled Thong Sandals



Bucket Hats



Graphic Tank Tops



Tennis Skirts



Maxi Tube Skirts



Swirl Prints


The full research is available to view here: Clothes2order
This article was sourced from a media release sent by Leila Jones of Digitaloft

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