10 Fashion Myths You Have to Stop Believing In 2022

Is your wardrobe ready for 2022? In case you haven’t heard yet, flattering our body through the trendiest and stylish clothes is a full time job. It requires a sophisticated sense and a smart discernment to know what fits our style otherwise, you’d be a full-fledged fashion disaster trapped in an awkward and highly-outdated collection!

Inexplicably, fashion has been a reflection of women empowerment and equality. We have Tory Burch, Donatella Versace and Coco Chanel whose names are all hailed in the glittery world of fashion. The truth is, as much as it holds a glamorous and powerful impression, dressing up in trends can sometimes be daunting especially if you are haunted by the enormity of misconceptions that might salvage your way towards dreamy couture and elegance. As the year kicks in, let’s take a fashionable glimpse at the most popular fashion statements that we might be holding on to for years.

1. Black makes you look skinny

Is your diet giving you false hope? Well, your pretty black dress won’t. A black outfit only works by using illusion. Women appear slimmer because of the colour black’s ability to blend into the background – smoothing away flabs and folds.

2. Maxi dresses won’t suit petites

This one absolutely holds no truth. Maxi dresses in summer are great and anyone regardless of height and weight can definitely pull this off so long as you know your body frame and shape. You should know your ideal length and wear it!

3. Denim on denim

Well, time changes. What might look unfashionable years ago may appear trendy in the age where anything can be styled and enhanced. Denim on denim may be a brave fashion statement but really it’s just a matter of elegantly mixing colours and design.

4. Sequins all day and night

Due to sequins’ highly-stylish nature, many deemed that it can only be worn at night but as fashion evolves, sequins are, in fact, a great piece to wear anytime of the day since they give a huge eye-catching factor.

5. Tall women should avoid high heels

Fashion icons know that high heels can make legs look great. Women gifted with height should not shy away from wearing heels as these complete a classy glam-up look.

6. Too many bold colours are too much

Like the comeback of vintage styles, mixing bold colours more than once is considered fashionable. Figure your body like a canvass waiting to be painted on. Combining different hues, either bold or bright can launch a posh take on your wardrobe.

7. Open-toed shoes and stockings do not go well together

Some might still argue on this but wearing stockings with open-toed shoes or sandals may appear really inelegant.

8. Horizontal stripes can make you appear bigger

Stripes are actually one of the famous prints that can turn your fashion look in an impressive direction. Choose stripes that are fitted well to your body and the ones that highlight your assets.

9. Your shoes, purse and belt should match each other

Honestly, who bothers adhering to this fashion rule anymore? The tip is to find these accessories in the same colour family and make them complement your outfit.

10. Wear the real you

This, in fact, is the biggest truth in fashion. While following trends and styles may be fun and exciting, your taste should not be dictated by other’s view of it. Dress according to your personality and be proud of it.

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