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Cameron Diaz Believes She Was Once Used As A Drug Mule Before She Became Famous

Actress Cameron Diaz has recently opened up to the Second Life podcast making a surprising revelation about the early days of her career. She believes that she was used as a “drug mule” at some point in her life during the early nineties.

Diaz told Second Life podcast host Hillary Kerr that when she lived in Paris, France, in the early days of her career, she struggled to find any success whatsoever.

“I didn’t work a day. I was there a full year and didn’t work one day. I couldn’t book a job to save my life,” Diaz recalled.

Diaz went on to say that she ended up getting a job that was quite different from modeling – she only got this one job, which she believes was actually used as a cover to smuggle drugs from Paris to Morocco. She said, “I got like one job, but I think I was like a mule carrying drugs to Morocco.”

Diaz explained that she was given a locked suitcase to transport from Paris to Morocco “that had my ‘costumes’ in it … quote, unquote”.

However, it wasn’t until she arrived at the airport that she realized that she was probably carrying something illegal. When she arrived in Morocco from Paris, airport officials questioned her as to who owned the suitcase. Diaz told them the suitcase was not actually hers.

Diaz recalls thinking: “What the f*** is in that suitcase? I’m like this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in Morocco; it’s the ’90s; I’m wearing torn jeans and platform boots and my hair down. I’m like … this is really unsafe.”

“That was the only job I ever got in Paris,” she further says that the contents of what’s inside the suitcase and what really happened after Diaz arrived in Morocco still remain unknown up to this day.

After this incident, Diaz finally got her big break in Hollywood when she booked her first-ever acting gig as Tina Carlyle in The Mask, starring opposite Jim Carrey.

Diaz has remained retired from acting for quite some time; however, last month, she announced that she would be making a comeback and starring opposite Jamie Foxx in the Netflix film Back in Action.

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