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Introducing StarCentral Media Group’s Movers & Shakers For July 2022

After keeping an eye on the hundreds of talents, entrepreneurs, and rising stars, StarCentral Media Group finally shares its picks for the most exciting and inspiring entrepreneurs, emerging and established talents, models, and up-and-comers of the moment.

These men and women are definitely in a league of their own. They start at varying ages, bring their unique sets of skills to showcase to the rest of the world, hail from diverse backgrounds, and have their own special ways of doing things that make the rest of the world notice.

While these inspiring people are all unique in their own ways, there’s an overlap in the way they move and act through the world. Superheroes are often bold and daring, and these special individuals tend to share a set of characteristics: passion, resilience, drive, confidence, great decision-making, and unparalleled vision. Although these movers and shakers don’t actually have superpowers, they do, however, have something special to offer to the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at the movers and shakers who have overcome tribulations and pivoted to achieve great things while continuing to set trends rocking their way in July 2022. The movers and shakers on this list are all entirely inspirational, and their stories will definitely inspire you to join their ranks.

OXB is the duo behind the cover of StarCentral International (June 2022 issue)

An innovative entrepreneur, San Diego native Steven Ozbun is a veteran entrepreneur and music producer bringing much-needed attention to a genre of music that combines rap with house music. He is also currently the CEO of the sunglasses and apparel brand On the other hand, Bakes is a solo rap artist described by many as lyrical, intelligent, intricate, and comprehensive.

Find out more about OXB via this link.

Rootless Fashion & Accessories is the brand behind the cover of Sassy & Co magazine (July 2022 issue)

Based out of Germany, the concept behind Rootless Fashion & Accessories was established in 2012 when Thorsten Weingaertner, its founder and CEO, decided to create a brand that seamlessly blends his love for the outdoors and stylish utility. He wanted to establish a connection between outdoor enthusiasts, sports lovers, and fashion enthusiasts. Although he was running a premium camper manufacturing company at the time, fashion has always been at the back of his mind since he has always been very enthusiastic about fashion. When the idea of ​​starting a fashion label eventually entered his mind back in 2012, he decided to go with his gut and instincts and pursue his passion for fashion, and thus, Rootless Clothing was born.

Find out more about Rootless Fashion & Accessories via this link.

Guruji Shrii Arnav is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Global Elite Entrepreneur magazine (July 2022 issue)

The revered and beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav is the father of Astro Gemology and an internationally acclaimed spiritual Guru who uses techniques based on spirituality, Astro Gemology, and modern management methods – he’s a mentor to statesmen and millionaires. The author of the Magnum Opus” Secrets of Jyotish Gems” (translated into six languages), he is the mentor of the world’s largest E-commerce portal to buy natural Gemstones online ( The website has a mind-boggling reach of 4 million monthly users and has been around since the early days of the Internet in 1996.

Find out more about Guruji Shrii Arnav via this link.

Cleopatra Fitzgerald is the rising star behind the cover of StarCentral International (July 2022 issue)

A well-known public figure, philanthropist, experienced researcher, politician, writer, activist of causes, celebrity/influencer, and interfaith minister (who can officiate weddings, funerals, and baptisms from all religions); Cleopatra Fitzgerald’s main aim in life was to find solutions that can swiftly resolve various issues New Yorkers and the world itself face nowadays. She also volunteers her time to kids and performing artists hoping to shield them from harm. Fitzgerald was New York City’s Mayoral candidate last year; if she ever runs for political office again, she is doing so for the awareness campaign causes of global issues that matter to the populace.

Find out more about Cleopatra via this link.

Elton A. Hollis III is the man behind the cover of InLife magazine (July 2022 issue)

Elton A. Hollis III provides consulting, training, executive coaching, and all facets of safety management and compliance services to clients in the industrial, commercial and small business industries. He is a highly sought-after mentor who coaches entrepreneurs across the country – he teaches and encourages entrepreneurship by conducting marketing meetings, events, and numerous mentor speaking engagements. He also happens to be an author – in late 2021, he published his first book, “Creative Problem Solving” and has just published his second book, “Buy Into Yourself First,” which outlines successful business development tactics.

Find out more about Elton A. Hollis III via this link.

Steve Stanulis is the man behind the cover of FilmCentral magazine (July 2022 issue)

Steve Stanulis, trailblazing actor, producer, and creative force behind Stanulis Productions Inc. and Chaos Production Inc., has appeared in several major studio movies such as ‘The Interpreter’ and ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,’ acclaimed indie films (Cupidity, Over the GW), and TV shows (The Sopranos, HBO series The Deuce). He also branched into production, starring in and producing the short films Dick & Jane and Because of You and the award-winning feature The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch.

Find out more about Steve Stanulis via this link.

Jojo Almazora Sebastian is the rising star behind the cover of GEQ magazine (July 2022 issue)

Jojo Almazora Sebastian is a Filipino-American from Kapolei, Hawaii, based in Sydney, Australia – he’s a devoted and compassionate frontliner and nurse who works in the Operating Theatre at a busy Metropolitan Hospital in Sydney. However, on weekends, this orthopaedic nursing unit manager transforms into a charming and dashing tuxedo-attired singer-entertainer and master of ceremonies. A veteran of the United States Military Forces (USAF), he could be seen regularly in concerts where he performs as a front act for local and international artists. He has been a main staple in the local and International Pageants from the Philippines, Hawaii, and Australia in the last 17 years.

Find out more about Jojo Almazora Sebastian via this link.

StarCentral’s Top 25 models are the women behind the cover of StarCentral Australia (July 2022 issue)

Unlike other magazines such as Who, People, or FHM, StarCentral Magazine is not the sort of outlet that you’d come to in search of a list of the sexiest, most desirable, or most beautiful celebrities in the world. StarCentral Magazine’s sole purpose is to promote local talents and up-and-coming models from all over the world. Our aim is to promote the overlooked, the untapped, and the undervalued, as well as the hottest upcoming models and talents out there that deserve recognition. We now present to you our very own hotlist – welcome to StarCentral magazine’s top 25 most beautiful models in Australia!

Find out more about StarCentral’s Top 25 via this link.

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