five easy tips for men who want to look sharp


For quite a long while now, it was only women who got all the attention in the fashion world. It was to them that trendy boutiques and glossy fashion magazines catered to. Men used to be happy with a good-looking tie, a nice pair of shoes and a neat shirt or two. Hardly exciting for a fashion designer. But that is slowly changing. Emerging trends are showing men how to make fashion statements at work or in the social scene. Few things exude confidence as effectively as a well put-together gentleman in a sharp, stylish ensemble.

Here are five easy tips for men who want to look sharp:

Stay simple

While in the past men may have chosen to dress simply, it also bordered on boring. Nowadays, it is not unusual to see guys being a bit more adventurous in their style. The trick is to not to go too overboard! There is a difference between being flashy and looking like Johnny Depp. Try wearing black with a touch of white. Don’t wear a huge amount of bling or risk being accused of being a try-hard-rapper! Focus on one item, such as a decent watch.

Good Fit

This tip is everything. Well-fitting clothes are not only stylish, but comfortable. Making sure you have the correct fit, whether it’s shirts or jeans, shows that you take a certain pride in your appearance. Make sure that they’re not too tight though – this will highlight any lumps or bumps you might want to otherwise hide.

Try something different

It’s a nice boost to one’s self-esteem when people notice various changes that you’ve made. Don’t be afraid to get out of comfort zone. Change up the style of your shoes or shirts or pants. Doing this is the only way you’ll discover that particular style that makes you feel confident about who you are.


These are small little details that people will notice and compliment you on. It means that you have gone to the extra effort. It can be a new pair of sunglasses or a scarf. It can be a necklace which is obviously not too chunky. It shouldn’t be too outrageous. You are just looking for something simple.


This particular item can make all of the difference to any man’s wardrobe. You may be looking a little worn out in your sports gear, but when you have a neon pair of athletic shoes, this can make all the difference. A nice pair of Italian shoes can also make a big impression and this is something that a lot of people tend to notice.

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