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Introducing StarCentral Magazine’s Top 25 Most Beautiful Models In Australia

Unlike other magazines such as Who, People, or FHM, StarCentral Magazine is not the sort of outlet that you’d come to in search of a list of the sexiest, most desirable or most beautiful celebrities in the world. StarCentral Magazine’s sole purpose is to promote local talents and up-and-coming models from all over the world. It is our aim to promote the overlooked, the untapped, and the undervalued as well as the hottest upcoming models and talents out there that deserve to be recognized. StarCentral Magazine now presents to you their very own hotlist – welcome to StarCentral magazine’s top 25 most beautiful models in Australia!

Soleil Russo

Soleil Russo is currently signed with the agency Royalle modelling. She started modelling here and there in 2020; however, things began to pick up more in 2021. Besides modelling, she’s currently studying forensic science and CSI at university, and she also loves adventures. She believes in working hard for all your goals in life, even if it means balancing a university degree, your passion for modelling, and the urge to travel the world. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Heather Varcoe

Heather Varcoe is an Australian model currently residing in Sydney. After growing up on the South Coast of New South Wales, Heather moved to Sydney to study health. Since recently completing her undergraduate studies, she plans to pursue further studies in the health field. She is also a highly creative individual who enjoys art and music immensely. She loves modelling as it allows her to channel creative energy while also focusing on her passion for health. Heather is particularly experienced in hair modelling – her favourite area of modelling, but hopes to further pursue editorial modelling, which she is also passionate about. She would love to inspire younger girls to embrace natural beauty and promote real female bodies in this industry. Heather could be described as a bubbly and friendly individual who loves fitness, food, and animals. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Carolina Nunez

Carolina Nunez is a 32-year-old model who hails from Sydney, Australia. She’s an Aussie at heart, but her roots lie deep within her South American culture. Half Paraguayan, half Uruguayan (probably a mix you won’t encounter often!) – she’s a proud mama to her beautiful daughter Mireya who is almost three years old. She is the motivation for her success and her purpose. It’s been a blessing and a gift, as it has taught her to be a lot more organised and efficient.

She has faced a lot of adversity in her life and successes. Some of her achievements include building and managing multiple successful businesses, modelling for Royalle, being a Latin/RnB singer and dancer most of her life (she’s mostly trained in musical theatre, RnB, jazz, and she can rap in Spanish a little too!), and becoming a cryptocurrency trader during the COVID lockdowns – she’s pretty much done it all! Her biggest achievement, aside from her daughter, is her music. Carolina has performed live as a supporting act for major artists overseas, including J Balvin, Eric Benet, and N.E.R.D. She also had the greatest honour of singing with Eric Benet himself on the duet song with Tamia’s “spend my life with you.” Her dream is to be the first female Australian Latin artist to be heard globally. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Elke Kahler

Born and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Elke Kahler feels at home by the beach, embracing her Maltese / Austrian tan and soaking up the sun. As a child, she was always quite tall for her age, so her parents suggested modelling – which she embraced straight away. Elke decided to pursue the idea at fifteen and hasn’t looked back. Drawn to the camera, she’s a natural performer or, as her mother lovingly likes to describe her – a drama queen.

Academia has always come easily for Elke; however, acting, particularly for film, is her first love. A move to the big city of Sydney in 2015 saw her navigating the industry while studying business management and marketing. In 2017, she decided to take her acting career more seriously and moved to LA, where she studied film acting for six months. She has worked consistently ever since. Acting, commercials, presenting, and modelling jobs keep her days and weeks filled with work she loves. Entirely at home in front of the camera, she loves bringing joy to her audience by making them laugh. At 26 years old, Bondi, Sydney, is the place she currently calls home. She plans to take the leap and explore the LA fashion and comedy scene in the near future. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Elena Aruldoss

Elena is a 20-year-old model who was born in Wollongong, raised in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, with a heritage from Italy, India, China, and Australia.

She began her modelling journey during high school in Singapore. Before she knew it, she was posing up at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, modelling at the Singapore Grand Prix, and even sharing the spotlight with an adorable Cavoodle for one photoshoot. This was an amazing experience for her being a young woman from the Illawarra. It was all workshops, test shoots, and booking after booking where she truly felt so blessed. Her goodbye to the Singapore modelling scene was a rap music video for an artist who didn’t exactly take off, but they all had a great time being part of someone’s creative mind, and she still busts out a tune every now and then.

As she landed at Sydney Airport, she knew she had to build on the momentum and continue modelling – that’s where Royalle Modelling comes in. She wants to say a big ‘thank you’ to Royalle for taking a chance on a young woman new to Sydney. But it’s not all about being in front of the camera for Elena. She developed a passion for mechanical engineering after visiting a remote Cambodian community devastated by floods with no infrastructure to protect them from natural disasters. She loves engineering because it’s about solving real-world problems and making a material difference in people’s lives. She hopes to go back to that village one day with enough funds to build natural disaster-resistant structures to safeguard the community, especially the local school – she believes that education is something that can truly change anyone’s life. It’s just about getting an opportunity. With every decision she makes in her career, it’s all about spreading positive energy into the world, promoting equality, and embracing the world’s diversity and wonder in whatever way she can. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Brenda Elliott

Brenda Elliott was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She has been modelling for over three years, and it is truly a passion for her. She feels happy when she’s working on a shoot or a project, and she’s grateful for all the opportunities that come her way and the people she got to meet and work with over the years. One of her highlights as a model was experimenting with runway and walking her first runway in 2018! Her goals are to work hard and expand. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Marona Tanner

Marona Tanner is a Sydney-based Model. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication majoring in 3D Animation and Graphic Design, as well as certificates in both Screen Acting and Finance. It was her family’s move to Australia that kickstarted Marona Tanner’s successful modeling career. Her stunning beauty, a result of her Egyptian heritage, drew the admiration of anyone she came across with, and for good reason. Besides being a full-time model and a high-profile Instagram star with more than half a million followers, Marona also possesses an acting degree, she’s a sculptor and animator, as well as an accomplished belly dancer who can speak 3 languages; English, Arabic, and French. She has worked with high-profile brands such as Fashion Nova, L’Oréal, and Lonsdale so it’s safe to say that Marona is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Cian Rebaudo

Cian Rebaudo is a 20-year-old model who originally hails from Paris – she has French, Cameroonian, and Italian heritage. Even though she was born in Paris, she traveled a lot as a child – traveling from Southern Asia to The Caribbean and back to Europe. Cian and her mother eventually settled in Provence, South of France, when she was 7. It is probably because of all those travels as a kid that she decided to come to Sydney in 2019 just after graduating high school. Initially, it was just meant to be for a gap year, but because of Covid and because she fell in love with the country, she decided to stay in Sydney and settle. She has always been fascinated with fashion and modeling, because her mother was a model herself when she was younger, and she transmitted her love for fashion to Cian. She remembers reading fashion magazines – paying the closest attention to every piece of clothing, accessory, and models. She thought, ‘they look incredible, but I could never be like them.’ But seeing the industry evolving and becoming more inclusive, she decided to take a shot at being a model for about a year ago and a half ago. Since then, she has been working on her own journey, trying to get experience shooting with photographers around her, listening, observing, learning as much as possible, and developing her Instagram page (@cianrbd). She feels that she enjoys modeling because her first passion is acting. She has been taking drama classes since she was a child, and being a successful actress is her ultimate goal as well as modeling, of course. She feels that acting and modeling are somewhat similar. She puts on a persona and an alter-ego whenever she’s in front of a camera, depending on what she is shooting. She loves being a chameleon, mentally traveling from story to story. She’s very sensitive, which makes her pretty good at reading emotions and transmitting them through a look or a phrase. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Jordan O’Connell

Jordan O’Connell is currently signed with Royalle Modelling. She has been with the agency since February 2021. She loves the fashion industry and travelling, and she has a very active lifestyle. She dislikes mean people, liars, and when it rains for too long because you end up getting stuck indoors for more than four days. Her goals for modelling include travelling internationally, modelling full time, and getting more editorial or runway work. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Lana Borisova

Lana Borisova is a 23-year-old model based in Sydney, Australia. She has been signed with Royalle Modelling for approximately five years and has modelled since she was 15. Lana is originally from Riga, Latvia, and speaks fluent Russian. Some of her hobbies include dancing, going for walks, choreographing, singing (for her ears only), and going out with friends. Although she loves going out, she would never say no to a night in with Uber Eats, cosy blankets, and a scary movie. Lana hates being late and always tries to be as punctual as possible wherever she goes. Her biggest goals are to live an exciting life, make unforgettable memories with like-minded people and travel the world performing for large audiences. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Deana Pourian

Deana Pourian is a 21-year-old model with a Persian background. She has been modelling for various brands all over social media since she was 18 and recently got into professional modelling, which has been amazing for her so far. She wants to continue down this path and grow as a model and influencer – her ultimate goal is to become a full-time model one day, and her dream is to become an actress as well someday. Ever since she was five years old, she used to look up to Hannah Montana and tell her mother she would be like her one day. She used to put on shows with her best friend for their parents and create tickets for them to come to watch their show. She also used to grab the family camera at the age of 8 and have photoshoots with her childhood friend. Although these memories are pretty funny to look back on now, it really goes to show that she’s always been into being a model and a performer and being on camera from a young age. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Ale Diaz

Maria Alejandra Diaz, aka “Ale,” is a 24-year-old model who hails from Colombia – she’s a Latin girl living here in Australia. It all started for her when she was considering trying out modeling at a young age – she realised that you don’t need to be pretty to become a model; you just need to believe in yourself and that you’re capable of modelling, and everyone else will see you like the beautiful girl you feel you are. She initially started with a catwalk course in her original country, but she realized that it was very different when she arrived in Australia. She eventually fell in love with doing photo shoots because you can express yourself in many ways; then, she applied to some agencies, but she found it difficult to get signed. She decided to create a good modelling portfolio and took on a modelling course with Royalle Modelling, and since then, she has gotten many different jobs. She was able to work for brands like JD Sports Australia as well as StarCentral magazine. She loves meeting new people, but she hates appearances, being someone you are not. She also hates people who only think of themselves because she feels that life is all about being together and happy with each other. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Chantelle Marie

Chantelle Marie is of Mediterranean ethnicity and comes from a corporate background. She was scouted into modelling while she was out one day, and she’s thankful for that as she has been doing it ever since. She has a curvier figure so she doesn’t typically fit a model’s stereotypical requirements; however, it brings her such joy to see the industry constantly evolving and becoming so inclusive of models of different shapes, heights, and colour. She has always been creative; she loves the fact that modelling allows her to let go, have fun and express herself through a unique and passionate art form. She feels that it is such a pleasure to work with so many like-minded and talented people, in fact, she has met so many beautiful souls through this industry. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Sarah Marschke

Sarah Marschke, the CEO, and owner of Our Choice Disability Services, advocates for community members living with a disability. Sarah Has been modelling since she was the age of 13 and has modelled all over Australia for many brands. Sarah also holds the longest title as Miss World Australia for all three years of 2019, 2020, and 2021. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Madison Croft

Madison Croft has been modelling and acting internationally since the young age of 14. She’s a personal trainer and owner of MadBodz Fitness – a thriving small business. She loves her job as every day she gets the blessing of helping people on their journey to improving physical and mental health. Maddie has always loved the saying “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” and she feels she has definitely achieved this! Her ultimate goal is to have a successful career in the modelling and acting industry and she always says that she will never give up on that goal.

She is currently a personal trainer and owner of MadBodz Fitness, and she is very passionate about educating people on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. She also works as a gymnastics coach, a model, and an actress.

Most people won’t know this, but at the age of 14, she was suffering from depression because of constant bullying at her school and even on social media. It was at this point that she was advised that by joining pageants, she would be able to make friends with similar interests and likes, and she would become much more confident and self-reliant – that’s the main reason why she started competing in pageants. After three years in the field, she says that she has made more friends and now possesses much more confidence in her communicative abilities.

Being a beauty queen and a model has its own perks of course. Madison enjoys having the opportunity to meet new people, encourage, empower and educate other teens on several issues, do charity work, and be an ambassador. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Paris Raine

Paris is a confident, committed individual with a go-getter attitude. Her work ethic is second to none and is known for going above and beyond in everything she does. She has a burning desire to have a career in the Modelling, Film, and Television industry. She is dedicated with a willingness to learn and grow.

Paris enjoys public speaking and is passionate about assisting in the conscious shift around the world, ultimately uplifting all those whom her presence reaches, leaving them with the impression of increase. She is dedicated to learning about human potential, how the mind works, and endeavours to inspire and teach others how they too can be a deliberate creator of their life.

Paris loves travelling the world and attends as many international business and personal development courses and conferences as she possibly can. She loves networking, learning, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Paris is also obsessed with all things fashion and intends to learn more about sustainability in the Fashion Industry and ultimately promote this to the world. She loves being involved in creative projects and campaigns and is so excited about all the opportunities life has to offer. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Cartier Pink

Cartier Pink has been working under Royalle Modelling for the past six years. She loves the modelling industry and the values that her agency encourages. She works as an assistant at a legal firm. She also loves boxing, dirt bikes and being around her friends and family. She’s hoping to make a full-time career out of modelling in the future. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Amelia Keam

Amelia Keam has been with Royalle modelling agency for just over a year now. In addition to modelling, she is working as a medical receptionist until she graduates with her psychology degree. She’s a chocolate fanatic and about as humorous as an arm. She has a passion for painting, hiking, and anything outdoors; unless she comes across a spider, then you’ll probably find her locked in her room. She aspires to one day own a clinical psychology practice that she can manage remotely while working as a model across the globe. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Jayde Cookson

Jayde C has only been a part of Royalle Modelling for six months, but she is so far loving every moment of it. She has modelled here and there working freelance and has been shooting with many photographers to build her portfolio for the years to come. She just graduated from school, and she’s beginning to start her gap year, teaching ballet and modelling. Although this year is a new beginning for her, she’s had her heart set on studying Marine Biology at university – she’s fascinated by the ocean and genuinely loves the science behind it all. After growing up with a tricky world around her, she finally found her true colours, becoming more extroverted and adventurous and spending time with the people she loves. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Victoria Franco

Victoria Franco has been modelling for over 15 years now and was one of the original cover models of StarCentral magazine. She won The StarCentral Cover Girl search back in 2008 when she was first starting her modelling career. Since then, she has worked for many different brands/ fashion houses on creative and modelling projects and met so many amazing people in the fashion and modelling industry. She’s currently 37 years old and was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She likes to think of herself as a go-getter with a strong work ethic that has benefited her a lot throughout her life. She’s also a parent, so she has always valued self-development, personal growth, and self-awareness as essential tools for success and happiness. Her son Patrick is now 20 years old and well on his way to creating a beautiful future for himself, and she couldn’t be prouder. She loves to spend time with her dog Esco and with family and friends on her days off. She’s currently studying interior design, which has always been her passion. She also loves travelling, good food, wine, and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. A fun fact about her is that she loves astrology and all things spiritual. She feels extremely grateful to have been given a chance to shoot for the cover of StarCentral Magazine again after so many years and thankful for all the love and support. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Paige Tonkin

Paige Tonkin is a motivated, bubbly, and caring model who has always been fascinated by watching the beautiful models and actors on television and has dreamed of one day making a name for herself. It was at the age of 14 when her dream was kick-started and she was scouted and taken to Las Vegas for a talent and runway show. This amazing experience made Paige completely fall in love with the industry and has made her even more determined to succeed. When Paige isn’t working the camera or the runway you will find her coaching Aerial Silks, Aerial Lyra, and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at the local gym. Paige’s strong work ethic is demonstrated in everything that she does and she knows that by chasing your dreams, success is only footsteps away. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

Jemima Quinn

Jemima Quinn has just started in the modelling industry, and she has been a model for Royalle Modelling for the last six months. She’s half African and half Australian and a psychology student. One of her goals is to get more acting work because she really loves it. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Dasha Gerasimova

Dasha Gerasimova is 22 years of age, and she grew up in the first six years of her life in Russia but had been residing in Sydney ever since then. She enjoys a broad range of activities as she likes to stay active and busy – she’s currently very passionate about self-development and exercising. This means lots of books, journaling, yoga, meditation, hikes, and lap swimming. Besides that, she loves hanging out with her tux cat Alphie and travelling. Dasha has been in the acting and modelling industry ever since she can remember. She started to really become passionate about drama and acting when she was just seven years old. Since then, she has starred and directed in multiple school plays and musicals, including “Beauty and the Beast,” “Popstars!”, “The Snow Queen,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and many more. She has been involved in several photoshoots – her most memorable one so far, being on the cover of “That’s Life!” magazine. She aspires to be featured in many more photoshoots and advertisement videos as she enjoys them the most. She loves creating different networks with exciting and fascinating people and traveling to new locations, all while having fun. Her ultimate dream is to travel around the world and share her passion and love with every other new person she meets while taking on board their experiences and life journey. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Rania Lukasa

Rania Lukasa is currently 22 years old, and she has been modelling with Royalle for one year now. Besides modelling, she really enjoys Roller skating even though she feels she’s not so great at it. (Photo Credit: George Azmy)

Phoebe Soegiono

Recently crowned Miss Earth Australia 2021 was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and is of Indonesian ethnicity. She was brought up with a Christian faith and regularly attended church before the lockdown. She comes from a brood of five, with two older sisters and two younger brothers. Phoebe has also completed a diploma in Public Relations at TAFE, and she currently works full-time as a customer consultant for a luxury brand. (Photo Credit: Tony Palliser)

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