5 Ways To Dress According To Your Body Type


Here are some bits of advice specifically for your body shape. The main thing is to dress to flatter your body shape. Don’t just wear clothing because the magazine tells you tight body con dresses are the ‘hot trend’ at the moment. Dress to suit your mood and your body shape and you will look and feel a whole lot better.

You don’t always have to follow the crowd….Embrace fashion and your body.

Thick waist

A cropped jacket in leather or boucle will break up your figure and give the illusion of a waist, as will any coat with a wrap-tie. Stay away from boxy shapes as they have the opposite effect.

Pear shaped

Choose a jacket with a peplum or ruffle hem. The flared kick at the waist makes the hips appear smaller, especially with a pencil skirt or straight-leg pants. Avoid a-line styles that emphasises a bottom-heavy figure.

Large bust

The trick is to balance your silhouette with a strong shoulder. Large lapels minimise the area, while anything with excessive front detail (like military buttons or ruffles) will just exaggerate it. Stay right away from high necks as these just make your bust look even bigger!

Small bust

Look for frills and lots of detail to accentuate a small bust. White tops are great at making you look as though you have a large chest but stay away from black as we all know this is slimming. Prints are also a great way to draw attention away from a small bust. The best trick I can suggest is to invest in a good bra, it doesn’t have to be expensive…Some of my best bras have been from Target.

Bigger hips and a small waist

If this is you then look for garments that cinch in at the waist and show off your small waistline. Floaty dresses are great as they disguise your bigger bottom half.

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