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Powerful New Feature Documentary The Cancer Conflict To Be Released This Month


Renowned for creating ground-breaking documentaries centred around important social issues, critically acclaimed Australian filmmaker, Thomas Meadmore, (After The Night [The Night Caller], The Spy Who Fell To Earth) is now putting the spotlight on one of the most impactful diseases of our time with his new documentary The Cancer Conflict.

An incredibly powerful feature film, The Cancer Conflict will be released worldwide on 21 September and raises the ultimate question: What would you trust when your life is on the line?

The latest figures from the American Medical Association state that up to up to 90% of cancer patients look for treatment outside of their healthcare system at some point, a decision that doubles the risk of death.

The Cancer Conflict follows both 53 year-old Grant who has been diagnosed with Stage 2 bowel cancer and chooses conventional medical treatment; and 51 year-old Surinder, who has Type 2 breast cancer and opts for a completely natural and alternative route.

Emotional and compelling, the intimate documentary raises questions around how to make informed choices in an online world of misinformation, which couldn’t be more needed or relevant than right now. Impartial at all times, the film also explores the challenges that arise for those looking for miracles, while giving people an informed vicarious experience that can help them on their own journey or allow them to feel seen and understood.

Thomas Meadmore, Creator and Director says: “Almost everyone will be affected by cancer at some point in their lives, either directly or via a loved one. It’s tragic and yet we live in an age where there is so much misinformation online and people don’t know what or who to trust in their plight to survive. The doctor-patient relationship also often lacks compassion, which is something that needs to be addressed in order to build and sustain trust in the evidence-based system. With The Cancer Conflict I wanted to explore the reality of the cancer treatment decision making process with empathy and without judgement, whilst also presenting cold hard facts, and I’m so honoured that Grant and Surinder allowed me to tell their stories.”

Dr Toral Gathani, Oxford University Senior Cancer Research Fellow and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, says: “The Cancer Conflict is a beautifully made and incredibly powerful film which tells the story of two cancer patients struggling for different reasons with their diagnoses, and who choose to seek treatment outside of the publicly funded system. For me, the film emphasised how important mutual respect and trust are between healthcare professional and patient when delivering cancer care. In my view, a must see for all those who work with cancer patients.”

The Cancer Conflict is written, directed and produced by Thomas Meadmore through Go Fish Films, with Nic Guttridge on board as Executive Producer and writer.

World Cancer Research Day takes place on 24 September.

The Cancer Conflict will be released globally on 21 September, 2022, available to download on Amazon, iTunes, Google, Xbox and Vimeo.

About Thomas Meadmore

Originally from Perth, Australia, Thomas lives and works in the UK as a director, editor, writer and producer. His 2020 AACTA-nominated Stan Original True Crime Series After The Night [The Night Caller] was a worldwide hit, while his 2019 Netflix documentary feature film The Spy Who Fell to Earth has become a cult favourite in the Middle East. Other past projects include documentaries Fred, Breaking Habits, How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends and The Outsider, about the collapse of a multi-billion dollar shipping empire which enjoyed a Bertha Dochouse cinema release and four stars from Total Film magazine.

Alongside directing Thomas is an acclaimed editor who shared an Emmy award (2012) for The Amazing Race Australia and lists National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Channel4 and the BBC among his credits. He was also editor on Salon Pictures’ The Guv’nor, an intimate and revealing portrait of the toughest man in Britain, Lenny McClean. In addition to The Cancer Conflict, next up is a documentary for ITV on missing fraudster Melissa Caddick, and his first fiction feature Ball & Chain which is currently in development.

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