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Stargazer Brings Spine-Chilling Stories In FYE Channel’s “Pinoy Paranormal Mysteries”

Catch haunting stories to complete Halloween through the limited digital series “Pinoy Paranormal Mysteries with Stargazer,” premiering exclusively on the FYE YouTube Channel this Friday (October 28) at 6pm.

The five-part weekly docuseries covers spine-chilling stories and supernatural phenomena from different parts of the Philippines. It is hosted by Stargazer, one of the country’s most recognized paranormal experts, who utilizes her psychic abilities to confirm or debunk the stories being told and sometimes even communicate with elementals and spirits. With her extensive experience, Stargazer can also explain these phenomena to viewers.

The series pilot episode, titled “Ligaw na Kaluluwa,” covers the lives of three families in Silang, Cavite, who are being tormented by spirits.

Its succeeding episode, “Engkanto,” will tackle the mysterious disappearance of people in Tibiao, Antique, who are believed to be kidnapped by engkantos. “Manggagamot” will feature different kinds of healing methods using ‘tawas’ (alum), red cloth, and other materials, while “Firestarter” will showcase a child with a paranormal ability to start fires anywhere, anytime. Lastly, “Haring Bakal” will focus on a seemingly invincible man with sharp weapons.

Aside from “Pinoy Paranormal Mysteries,” Stargazer also hosts the FYE show “Pinoy Vibes” on Kumu, where she covers various topics on the supernatural and sometimes reads auras and does psychic readings.

Catch “Pinoy Paranormal Mysteries with Stargazer” every Friday at 6pm on FYE’s Youtube channel. For more details, follow FYE Channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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