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US TV host Megyn Kelly Blasts Meghan Markle In Response to Meghan’s Complaints

US TV host Megyn Kelly slammed Meghan Markle over Meghan’s complaints in her latest Netflix docu-series.

In one of the final episodes of Harry & Meghan, the couple revealed more about their 2018 Australian tour where she had problems because she was pregnant.

“Looking back on it now, I’m amazed we managed to do what we did,” Harry said in the docuseries, as Meghan added, “Well, [it was] also even harder when I was pregnant.”

During her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, Kelly blasted Meghan, telling the Duchess “shut up.”

“Do you know what every working mother out there in America and the UK and beyond does when they’re pregnant? Shut up!,” Kelly snapped.

“No one cares that you were pampered day and night, and then you had to go out and be loved and adored by a bunch of people. Shut the F up!

“We all go to work every day, it’s very f**king hard. I don’t feel sorry for you!”

“I didn’t have people bringing me my meals and rubbing my feet at the end of the day, as I guarantee you these two did.” Kelly continued.

“No one cares! Our sympathies aren’t with you.

“They are with the women who work two or three jobs just to put food on the table, who have husbands who aren’t present, who are already supporting kids, who are in s**tty jobs where they’re not going to get a vacation.

“I don’t care; she can’t get over it.”

Kelly described the Harry & Meghan documentary as a “farce,” claiming it’s not a “tell-all” but rather a “tell-what-you-think-makes-you-look-good.”

Check out Kelly’s comments below:

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