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GMA’s groundbreaking series “Maria Clara and Ibarra” streams on Netflix starting April 14

GMA Network’s groundbreaking historical fantasy series Maria Clara and Ibarra will be available on the popular streaming platform Netflix Philippines beginning April 14.

The series stars Barbie Forteza as Klay, Julie Anne San Jose as Maria Clara, David Licauco as Fidel, and Dennis Trillo as Ibarra.

Maria Clara and Ibarra follows the story of Klay, a young woman who is excited to graduate from the university so she can work abroad. However, she must pass her back subject, Rizal Studies, in order to graduate.

Klay’s professor Mr. Torres, gives her another chance by lending her a book of Noli Me Tangere. She wakes up one morning and finds herself in the world of Jose Rizal’s novel, Noli Me Tangere. She desperately tries to return to the present but she can only do so after she finishes the story and learns her lesson.

As she wanders into the world of Noli Me Tangere, Klay meets Maria Clara, Crisostomo Ibarra, the Curates, the Ilustrados, and the Indios. The characters teach Klay the value of history, empathy, patriotism, and love. It will also open her eyes to the realities and misery of ancient Filipinos during the Spanish colonization.

After her journey ends in the novel Noli Me Tangere, Klay returns to the present and ponders the fate of her beloved friends.

Binge-watch “Maria Clara and Ibarra” with family and friends beginning April 14 on Netflix Philippines.

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