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Introducing Amelia Goff: The Stunning Entrepreneur Behind The Latest Issue Of StarCentral Magazine!

During her first job at a pharmacy, Amelia Goff was fascinated with skincare ingredients and their positive impact on the skin. This interest was sparked by her love of the feel and packaging of skincare products and her experiences with bad skin as a teenager and adult. With over 12 years of experience working as a skin therapist and trainer, Amelia has gained extensive knowledge of the skin’s functions, different skin conditions, and how ingredients can benefit the skin.

While working with clients, Amelia observed that many were overwhelmed by the complexity and cost of skincare routines. This inspired her to create a simple, affordable, sustainable skincare range that caters to all skin types. Her goal was to produce a result-driven range using only the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients that were trialed and tested on real skin with real concerns to provide real and effective results. Amelia’s products are free of hidden synthetic and toxic ingredients, ensuring they are safe for long-term use.

Starting Fresh Face Skin was a challenging journey that required persistence, hard work, and dedication. Amelia’s passion for skincare and desire to create a sustainable and effective skincare range fueled her success despite the hurdles, tears, and stress. Supporting Australian small businesses and female-run and owned businesses is also important to Amelia, as female entrepreneurship is crucial to her. Through years of research and collaboration with experts in the skincare field, Fresh Face Skin launched in 2017 with just three essential products. Today, with constant work, research, and development, they have grown their product range to twelve and continue to plan for the future.

You can read more about her via this link: Amelia Goff

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