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Entrepreneur Of The Week: Indira Setia Putri

Cover Photography by Patrick Rybicki Indira Setia Putri, a mother, entrepreneur, and IT professional is making significant waves both locall [...]

Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Meet Suyasta Budhathoki – The Woman Behind Global Millionaire’s February 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of the contemporary world, marked by constant flux and fierce competition, the importance of a reliable and s [...]

Introducing the Emerging Talent Featured on the Cover of StarCentral Magazine’s November 2023 Issue: Lili Liu

In the vibrant city of Xiang Yang in northwestern China, Lili Liu’s life unfolded against a backdrop of rich cultural heritage and his [...]

Nicki Micheaux’s Cinematic Brilliance Shines in Debut Film ‘Summer of Violence’: A Captivating Journey from...

In the dynamic tapestry of Hollywood, actress Nicki Micheaux has adorned the screen with her versatile talent, captivating audiences in nota [...]

Meet Julia Lee: The Asian-American Supermodel Shattering Stereotypes and Making Waves in Fashion and Entertainment

Photo Credit: Najah Mansur via StarCentral Magazine In the fast-paced world of fashion and entertainment, Asian-American superstar Julia Lee [...]
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Introducing Amelia Goff: The Stunning Entrepreneur Behind The Latest Issue Of StarCentral Magazine!

During her first job at a pharmacy, Amelia Goff was fascinated with skincare ingredients and their positive impact on the skin. This interes [...]

Introducing The Entrepreneur Behind The Latest Issue Of StarCentral International: Guruji Shrii Arnav!

To celebrate the release of the first issue of StarCentral Magazine in 2023, StarCentral Magazine once again interviewed the mentor of mento [...]
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The Phenomenal Carl Runefelt Is The Entrepreneur Behind The Cover Of The August 2022 Issue Of MoneyCentral Magazine

With the crazy crypto boom around the world, there is a bit too much information to process, and hard to take your pick. But few special peo [...]

Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Meet Business Coach Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan

Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan works with frustrated entrepreneurs to help them fall back in love with their businesses, achieve their goals and a [...]
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Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Meet Brock Murray, The Co-Founder Of Digital Marketing Agency Seoplus+

  Brock Murray is the co-founder of Seoplus+, a Canadian digital marketing agency serving clients globally. He started the business in [...]

Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Meet Visionary And Lifestyle Connoisseur, Ivan Thomas

Ivan Thomas is a visionary and lifestyle connoisseur who has helped to manage the brands and reputations of some of America’s top comp [...]

Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Meet The Founder Of Smart Hustle Media, Ramon Ray

As the founder of Smart Hustle media, Ramon Ray inspires and educates small business owners on how to grow their small businesses through ev [...]
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