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Get ready for more gripping and thrilling moments in GMA Afternoon Prime’s ‘Makiling.’

GMA Public Affairs’ latest drama, Makiling, promises a riveting experience for viewers in its second week, delivering a rollercoaster of intense emotions as it continues to unveil a captivating narrative of mystery and revenge.

First aired last January 8, Makiling’s initial week had audiences at the edge of their seats, garnering positive reviews across various social media platforms due to its gripping storyline and intense scenes. Headlined by the Sultry Leading Lady Elle Villanueva and Sparkle Debonnaire Derrick Monasterio, the series has already made a strong impact.

“Pasabog na ang Afternoon Prime. Grabe, ganda din nito,” exclaimed a netizen who watched the pilot week’s episodes.

Others praised the show for its fresh concept and engaging storyline, expressing eagerness for the upcoming episodes. “Ganda ng istorya. May bago na naman akong aabangan.” shared one viewer.

“Parang pelikula!” added another.

As the plot unfolds, viewers will witness Amira’s (Elle) struggles, particularly with the mysterious plant Mutya, which threatens to either be a blessing or a curse. Tensions will rise between Amira and her sister Rose (Thea Tolentino) due to jealousy and conflicting views on family-related issues.

Amira and Alex’s (Derrick) relationship will face challenges, and Amira’s life will take a darker turn as she encounters the notorious Crazy 5 — a group of powerful, entitled bullies — who inflicts unprecedented pain upon her.

Amidst the turmoil in Amira’s life, she remains faithful to her belief in Maria Makiling’s protection. The question arises: Will Maria Makiling continue to be on her side?

Viewers should definitely not miss out on the coming episodes as the identity of Maria Makiling will also be revealed very soon.

Watch as more intense happenings unfold in Makiling, weekdays, 4 pm after Stolen Life on GMA Afternoon Prime! Global Pinoys can catch it via GMA Pinoy TV.

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